In the past, Thailand was considered a cheap tourist destination and anyone could afford to visit. Due to the increased number of tourists, things have changed and it has become an expensive place to visit. However, it is still possible to explore Thailand on a budget and not miss out on the fun!

Here is a guide on how you can explore Thailand on a budget:

Cheap Food in Thailand

Instead of eating in international restaurants where the prices are very high, look for local restaurants. Here, you will buy tasty and well-cooked meals at affordable prices. If you wish to eat fruits, do not buy from street vendors who sell by the main street. Instead, go to the main market and buy your fruits at affordable prices.

Make friends with the locals and they will show you where you can get great meals at unbelievably low prices.

Cheap Accommodation in Thailand

While traveling Thailand on a budget, there are numerous ways you can get free accommodation. You can access the Couchsurfing website where you will send a couchsurfing requests to an available host. If he agrees to your request, you will have landed free accommodation for the time you will be in Thailand.

You can also choose to spend your nights in temples where you will get free food and accommodation. If you will be able to abide by the set rules, you will save a lot on foods and accommodation. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to enjoy the free food and accommodation.

Cheap Travel in Thailand

If you want to pay less for your travel, do not buy your tickets from travel agencies. Buy your tickets from the source and this will save you from paying commissions. You can choose to travel by train or by bus as these are the cheapest means of transport in Thailand.

If you’ll be traveling for long distances, you should travel overnight to avoid incurring accommodation costs. Alternatively, you can team up with friends and share accommodation costs by sharing a room.

Instead of visiting areas that are frequented by tourists, look for other attractive destinations in Thailand. There are a lot of attractions in Thailand and if you partner with the locals, you will get amazed at the great sites you will visit on a budget.