Summertime is when everyone is heading to the beach to try and cool off. The intense heat can get unbearable and at times, all you want is to get away and have some quiet moments. Here are some of the best countries you can visit this summer:


For the best experience in Canada, getting to Cape Breton Island is a great option. The temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold and this means you will not suffer from sunburns. You will have a great time watching the whales, puffins, seals, and other sea creatures on this island.


If you are looking for a place where summer is mild, Alaska is a great destination. You can visit places like the Denali National Park where you’ll have the privilege of watching wild animals. While camping here, you will enjoy watching gray wolves, reindeer, and Dall’s sheep, among other wild animals.


Are you looking for a place that has a nice chill all year round; Iceland is the place to be this summer. You will be able to enjoy glacier hiking even when every other place is very hot. The beautiful sceneries around the country will take your mind off your every day’s struggles.

New Zealand

When every other place is very hot, New Zealand will be experiencing the winter weather. If you are a skier, you will be having a time of your life away from the hot sun. While at it, you will enjoy watching the humpback whales!


Though Norway usually experiences long summer days, the temperatures are not as hot as it is in other countries. You will have a great time exploring the beautiful country as you take the amazing Norwegian delicacies. If you love shopping and a great nightlife, Norway should be your next summer destination.

You do not have to endure the hot summer weather when there are so many amazing getaways all over the world!