Tips for Emergency Dental Care While Traveling

It’s definitely regrettable, if not outright bad luck, to need emergency dental care while traveling. The dentist is the last person most of us think about when we’re planning a holiday. But emergencies can and do happen, so make sure to visit your local dentist before leaving. Also, have their contact info handy on your phone. Quite a few dental emergencies can actually be resolved over the phone and there’s no need to physically go anywhere.

Contact your Embassy

If you’re abroad and need a dentist, contact your native country’s embassy or consulate. Ask the staff there to recommend a local dentist. Ask at the reception of your hotel too. The embassy’s recommendation would always be more reliable though because you can be sure they’re not recommending a friend, business partner, or relative.

Prior to traveling abroad on holiday, avoid getting surgery or other major dental treatment. It’s never wise to start a root canal or crown right before a trip. If you happen to be in treatment already, inquire into how to avoid issues while you’re on vacation.  Your dentist might even know someone in the area where you’re planning to go.

Losing a Filling


Many people have lost dental fillings while on holiday. If this happens to you, do keep the exposed area covered to avoid contamination. You can buy something to serve as temporary dental filling material from a pharmacy or “chemist’s” like they say in England. If you can’t find anything, use gum or wax.

If a tooth crown comes out, it might be hard to put it back correctly. However, this is crucial to avoid food impact and shifting. Call a local dentist to inquire about this, clean the area out well, and put a little bit of short-term cement paste in there. This is sold at most pharmacies. Then, bite down on it without exerting too much pressure until the tooth crown is fixed.

Sometimes, an emergency is an emergency, and you need to get help. How do you know? If you notice swelling around the gums or experience intense pain from hot or cold drinks coming into contact with a tooth, then you’re probably in an emergency dental situation. Get to a local dentist as soon as possible.

When to Use Bottled Water


If you are in a country like India (drink only bottled water) or another location with compromised water supply, or you’re in the wilderness without any mineral water sources around, use bottled water not only to drink, but also to brush. Never use local water to brush your teeth, and if you accidentally get local water on your toothbrush, throw it away or rinse it as well as possible – again, with bottled water.